Founder of "Azon Global " information analysis portal, our teacher Mubashshir Ahmed was taken away as a suspect by the Turkish Internal Affairs System in the morning of December 28, 2023.

At first, it was not reported to the general public with the reasoning that there was some misunderstanding, and therefore there was no need to worry the public unnecessarily. (The portal has no official connection with what happened in social networks in those days.)

After that, there was a firm belief that the accusations against Ustaz Mubashshir Ahmed were completely groundless, that this case would be revealed in the preliminary investigation and that the teacher would be released. But, unfortunately, the situation did not turn out like that.

According to the laws of Turkey, the suspect cannot be detained for more than 3 days, if the charge against him is proven within this period, he must be transferred to the Justice Department, if not proven, he must be deported. Sometimes foreigners are transferred to deportation centers, and from there they are sent to their home country or released.

Naturally, during the initial investigations, the accusation against teacher Mubashshir Ahmed was not proven. It remains incomprehensible why the teacher, who was transferred to the deportation centers, was detained even after so many days. Of course, from the day this incident happened, lawyers started their actions and all other necessary measures are being taken.

At this point, we ask our people, dear ones, not to pay attention to the various slanders spread by malicious people, and not to neglect your prayers. Inshallah, teacher Mubashshir Ahmad will be released soon and will continue to share knowledge and enlightenment.

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