It has been 2 31 days since Israel launched its war of aggression and destruction in the Gaza Strip . 24 hours of major events in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the entire Middle East.

The invaders launched major attacks on Deir al-Balah, Jabaliya camp, Rafah and Gaza City. The invaders carried out 9 massacres during the day, as a result of which 91 people were martyred. Since the start of the war, 35,800 people have died.


▪️ Gazan resistance forces are engaged in fierce battles with the invaders in Jabalia, Rafah and Nitsarim axis.


▪️ Occupation Soldiers of the 202nd Battalion: The fighting in the Jabalia camp is one of the toughest and the Hamas fighters have a bravery that we have never seen before .


▪️ Today , the International Court of Justice will rule on South Africa's claim that Israel immediately stop its attack on Rafah.


▪️ Kamal Advan Hospital is completely out of order after the invaders fired. It was the last hospital in northern Gaza.


▪️ There is no electricity in Al-Aqsa Hospital . Doctors are calling the world for help: without electricity, patients and premature babies will die.


▪️ Hezbollah attacked the barracks of Brigade 769 in Kiryat Shmona and the Zibdin barracks in the occupied territories.


▪️ " Gumbaz" could not withstand the attack on Umm al-Rashrash (Eylat-Hebrew). The rockets reached their goal.


▪️ HAMAS: Colonel Assaf Hamami, captured on October 7, is the highest-ranking Israeli prisoner in the history of the occupation .


An American soldier is in "critical condition" with "non-combat" injuries while working on a temporary US-built port in Gaza. This is the third soldier who has already suffered "non-combat" injuries.

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