A bus with 20 passengers lost control and fell into the Moika River in St. Petersburg. Seven people died as a result of the accident. Before rescuers arrived at the scene, Muslims from Dagestan who were going to Friday prayers provided first aid.
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Yesterday, May 10, a bus lost control and fell from a bridge into the Moika River in St. Petersburg. As a result of the accident, seven people died, 8 passengers were helped by rescuers, about 10 people managed to get out on their own, six people were hospitalized.

It turned out that the driver of the sunken vehicle was 44-year-old Rahmat Kurbanov from Tajikistan. Now he is under arrest.

According to preliminary information, 6 volunteers managed to save at least 2 bus passengers. Within 7 minutes, professional rescuers arrived at the scene of the emergency and provided the necessary further assistance.

According to State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzaev, the three rescuers were Idris Gadjiev, Shakhban Jabrailov and Muhammad Hasanov from Dagestan. They were among the first to help the people in the bus that sank while going to Friday prayers.

The head of the Ministry of Emergencies Kurenkov suggested awarding those who helped save people with the medal of the Ministry of Emergencies "For rescuing those who perished in water".

Earlier, it was reported that Olimjon Ibrohimov, a gardener from St. Petersburg, risked his life and saved several women from a burning apartment.

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