Earlier, Rosselkhoznadzor stated that the Bolivian delegation is interested in exporting llama meat to Russia and is ready to provide information about the producer. The president of the country, Luis Arce Catacora, confirmed in an interview with Bolivian TV that it was proposed to export dried llama meat and other products to Russia.

"Bolivia has offered to deliver coffee beans, canned pineapples, bananas, dried llama meat, chocolate and other products to Russia," Arse told reporters.

According to experts, although the increase in sales of llama meat on the Russian market is promising, at the same time its price should be affordable.

Moscow Mufti Ildar Alautdinov also stated that "Muslims are allowed to eat llama meat if the animal is slaughtered in accordance with the laws of Islam or other Abrahamic religions."

"Lamas belong to the camel family, and its meat can be eaten," said the mufti.

The representative of the religious administration of Russian Muslims added that such animals are still an unusual novelty in the federation, and the meat of llamas gives citizens an exotic feeling.

FYI, the Bolivian government is urging citizens to eat more llama meat. As an alternative to beef and mutton, the Ministry of Health recommended to consumers to use the meat of llamas - small camels belonging to the family of mammals living in the Central Andes region.

Internationally, in the last 10 years, llamas have caught the attention of many famous chefs. This is explained by the fact that this product contains a large amount of protein and a low level of fat.

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